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We are delighted to release our new Product

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Redged at Photokina trade show.

During the trade show Redged will demonstrate

the complete new line to the visitors.

Visit the trade show in Koln and meet the

Redged staff.

More about the Photokina here

Redged TCA-522K Award winning tripod.

Redged TCA-522K rated with 5 stars

by Amateur Photographer:

"A great value travel tripod that is very

capable for its size and weight".


About Redged

Dear photographer,

As a professional I know the importance of a good tripod. It is your reliable base for sharp pictures. It gives you technical freedom. It also helps you establish the perfect composition and is essential for shooting series. To give you all that in perfect quality with a very pleasant price tag I developed the Redged tripods. We are Holland based brand with a logical, consistent lineup. Finest materials, best constructions and superior durability. Compact size, low weight, great performance. Redged offers a five year warranty for tripods, heads and accessories.

Enjoy the use of your Redged!

Ed Dorrestein,

Nature photographer,
Founder of Redged